About company

Intech is a fishing brand founded on March 2, 2016 by professional fishermen seeking to use high-quality fish products at affordable prices. Therefore, our team started its own production, where the creation of each product begins with the idea, design solutions, the choice of raw materials for its preparation and ends with the packaging of the finished product.

TM Intech products are a guarantee of product quality!
► In each production stage, highly qualified industry specialists are involved.
► For production, only certified raw materials of the highest quality are used.
► All new items in the brand's assortment undergo a series of tests, including those tested in real conditions on fishing, and only after hundreds of successfully passed tests, the novelty is launched into production.
►Creating a high-quality product requires special accuracy and scrupulousness, each stage of production is separated into a single cycle that goes through 3 stages of quality control.
Thanks to a responsible and comprehensive approach, fishing products under the Intech brand appeared on the world market, occupying a leading position in terms of price / quality ratio and receiving the most flattering reviews and high marks from fishermen.
Every year the recognition and the number of fans of Intech products grows exponentially.

Already today, Intech products are widely represented in the markets of Europe and the CIS.
We can confidently say that we are chosen by those who want to fish with quality tackle without overpaying for a big name.

Intech's product range includes more than 100 items.
Under this brand are produced: braids, fasteners, fluorocarbon, tungsten, winter lines, carp-feeder fishing lines, quality leather, hooks: offset, double, single, balance, marmies, etc. fishing goods.
The successful years of experience and the high appreciation of our products by fishermen inspired us to go further.

Thus, in 2020, the Tournament series was launched under the brand Intech.

Tournament is a series of products for fishing of premium quality.

The idea of the Tournament series is to create products of the highest quality, allowing to achieve maximum results, fully meet the needs of the fisherman, his fishing conditions and not being a compromise.
Each position, whether it is a line, hook or fastener, is developed especially carefully, taking into account new trends and needs of fishermen.

Intech Tournament - with us every fisherman will be the winner.