Fishing Hook Manufacturer

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Fishing hook production

The hook for fishing is technologically made of high-quality metal (steel) wire, which is processed and hardened to give the product the necessary technical characteristics and maximum product strength. The production of fishhooks and the manufacturing process at the hook-making plant, upon initial observation, appear simple, perhaps primitive. But the reality in factories is the production process is high-tech and too complicated, which requires considerable financial investments and human resources.


Fishing hooks Longaff Intech Spear


The materials used for the production and manufacture of fishing hooks are always of higher quality than the competition. Combining modern design and advanced technological processes of heat treatment of metal allows Intech to obtain high and premium quality fishing hooks.


Intech is a quality fishing hook manufacturer and presents you with a new line of our products! Fishing hooks Intech Spear, Longaff, produced in a Japanese factory, from the highest quality steel. This is a joint development of expert anglers from our company and the Vanfook factory.


Wholesale fishing hooks in Ukraine


The company "Intech" has a developed network of business partners in Ukraine, making it possible for us to recommend high-quality products in bulk to all Ukraine regions. The company's specialists continuously monitor the fishing market, keeping track of the latest trends: the study, development, and new technologies and types of products for anglers.

We offer our partners convenient logistics in Ukraine, are engaged in complicated optimization of logistics processes, and monitor the shipped products' quality. You can always order from us single, double, offset fishing hooks from the manufacturer at wholesale prices.


Following market trends, we allow the company "Intech" to remain the leading organization for the sale of fishing tackle in Ukraine. Our partners can order wholesale fish hooks of high quality at reasonable prices.

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