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There is a wide variety of lures on the market for fishing. For example, silicone lures are firmly established in the fishing tackle market and have an impeccable reputation.


Molds for silicone lures


The production of silicone baits is striking in its variety and functionality. The advantages of artificial bait for fishing cannot be overstated. This tackle, simple at first glance, has many unique qualities and features.

If you love fishing and are open to the most daring experiments in this area, we suggest you buy silicone baits in bulk.


Types of silicone baits


Conventionally, silicone baits can be divided into two types: vibro-tails and twisters.

Twisters are bait, with a ball-shaped head and a tail in the form of a question mark. Due to the twister structure, the seat makes wave-like movements, resembling a living organism when it gets into the water. Twisters have both one tail and several.

Vibrotails are lures made of silicone, utterly similar to a small fish. Often, vibrotails are made with transverse cuts, which distinguishes them with a sizeable swinging amplitude and are distinguished by intense flexibility.

Both types of lures are lightweight, excellent hooks, and prevents fish from falling off. The fish bait can be cast relatively freely, which contributes to successful fishing. Silicone bait is attractive for fish with its movements that imitate a real small fish's activities, so it will always be popular among anglers. Leading fishing tackle manufacturers are introducing new possibilities of silicone baits: acoustics and all kinds of odor additives.


Material for making lures


The material from which the baits are made is durable and robust and also pleases with its effectiveness. There are a lot of configurations of combined lures.

The production of fishing lures is complex. Silicone baits are sometimes called jig baits. In this case, the silicone bait is pushed onto the jig head, which prevents it from sliding off the hook.

The advantages of silicone baits include such characteristics as low cost and versatility. Catchy lures for pike, pike perch, and perch will always be in great demand.


Wholesale "Intech" fishing lures


 If you want to buy fishing lures in bulk in Ukraine, we will greatly facilitate your task, and we will offer the broadest possible range of fishing lures in size from the manufacturer. On the online platform "Intech" you can buy silicone lures Intech Slim Shad, Long heel, Turborib, as well as various fishing lures from the manufacturer at a great price.

Our company cooperates with wholesale shops of fishing tackle and accessories across the country, providing an opportunity to receive high-quality professional silicone baits from the producer at reasonable prices.

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