Fishing Tackle Intech Tournament

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The new Tournament brand is a premium range of fishing products.

Intech Tournament premium fishing products have a high-quality and thoughtful design. The design of our products is laconic and restrained, and the special status of the product is emphasized by the phrase: Tournament - created to win!


In the modern world, fishing competition is one of the most popular sports. Over the past years, the number of sportsmen-fishermen has been growing, fishing competitions of various levels are held annually in Ukraine and abroad. Fishing Intech Tournament for all sports anglers who choose victory and only victory!


The company "Intech" offers fishing goods for the competition with prompt delivery throughout Ukraine.

The Tournament brand is a premium range of fishing products. These are various Intech Tournament fishing tackle fishing lines, cords, fluorocarbon.


The idea of ​​the Tournament series is to create a product of the highest quality that allows you to achieve maximum results, fully meet the needs of the angler, his fishing conditions, and not be a compromise.


All Tournament products are jointly developed by professional anglers for whom fishing is more than just a hobby and world leaders in the industry. Be it a cord, hook, or fastener, and each position is specially designed for our fish, taking into account the new trends in fishing.


Fishing Line Intech Tournament


In the manufacture of Intech Tournament fishing lines, fiber drawing is a significant factor in surface quality and line diameter accuracy. We took this parameter into account when developing for our clients.

Fishing Lines Intech Tournament


Our customers will appreciate the premium fishing cords Intech Tournament due to the unique weaving technology and sliding coating. The fishing line has a smooth surface and a round section. Minimum resistance when passing the spinning rings. Silent and long casts can be made with this line.

Fluorocarbon Intech Tournament


The modern polymer material fluorocarbon is used to produce the Intech Tournament premium line for fishing competitions.

Intech and the new Tournament brand meet the high demands of the customers. We establish strong emotional ties with our clients and partners and build their loyalty.


Tournament is created for a victory in which there are no compromises, a triumph not only over fish but also over oneself, for every angler striving for new achievements and high results. Tournament - created to win!


Our range of premium fishing products Intech Tournament is growing. Based on demand and wish statistics, we are adding new fishing tackle and products.

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