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For fishing enthusiasts as well as for professionals, all the components of the rig are significant. To a greater extent, the weak link subject to numerous risks. It is permissible to point to the fishing line. Actually, due to the low-quality fishing line, there are many cases of loss of large fish. And it is very upsetting for the angler who left not from the hook, but because of the low quality of the fishing line used for fishing.


Some people wonder what is so unusual about a fishing line and why, when choosing it, you need to take into account many characteristics and requirements for its quality.

Professional anglers know the line requirements must be strict.


Fishing line wholesale "Intech"


The fishing line is presented in bulk and purchased on the online platform "Intech", excellent Japanese quality. For many years, Japanese production has been a leader in creating original developments and testing new products in fishing tackle.

Japanese-made fishing lines differ from others in the highest strength and resistance to abrasion, increased abrasion resistance, and precise declared parameters along the entire length.

Also, the line must withstand completely different impulse voltages because the fish will pull and pull in different directions. In this case, the fishing line should be soft but have minimal extensibility. Japanese-made Intech lines cope very well with all the tasks set.

The most popular materials from which fishing lines are made are nylon, polyethylene, kevlar, duraflex, and fluorocarbon. I want to dwell on the latter in more detail.


Fluorocarbon - the material of modern woods


Fluorocarbon (fluoroplastic or polyvinylidene fluoride) is the given birth of and was patented by Japan in 1970. The production of fluorocarbon is a relatively expensive process.

Fluorocarbon turned out to be a real find for fishing. UV resistant, not too stretchy, waterproof, and abrasion-resistant. And this is not a complete list of the benefits of fluorocarbon.


The advantage of fluorocarbon for lines


The essential quality and advantage over other lines is the fluorocarbon forest's invisibility in the water column. The fact is that the refractive index of fluorocarbon light is close to the refractive index of light in water; therefore, the water's fluorocarbon line is difficult to notice.

Besides, such characteristic as "memory" of the line is minimized. Anglers use this term to explain the line's action after an extended stay on the reel. If the cord gets tangled, folds into loops, and clings to everything - this is the "memory" of the line.


Buy fishing line "Intech"


Therefore, if you want to buy fishing line and fluorocarbon Intech: FC shock leader, it is best to do so on the platform "Intech", as we work directly with the best manufacturers of fishing line and fluorocarbon in Japan.

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