Wholesale Braided Fishing Lines

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At present, the choice of lines that the "Intech" fishing online store presents to your attention is enormous, so it is worthwhile to study in detail the characteristics of the quality of fishing products before making a purchase.

Modern technologies have made it possible to introduce the latest materials into production, which guarantee widespread use in fishing tackle and at the same time efficient fishing.


Characteristics of fishing line


The production of fishing line, made using new technologies, is very durable, still having differences in their characteristics.

For example, a single strong monofilament line is most often made of nylon or other synthetic materials. Monofilament fishing line of the Japanese manufacturer, whose assortment is widely represented in our online store "Intech", is distinguished by the highest quality: the diameter of the line is the same along the entire length, the monofilament is soft, has no "memory", does not create loops when straightening.


A fishing line differs significantly from a fishing line in that it is a weave of a large number of the finest threads, which determines the highest strength and durability of this product. Due to its structure, the cord is resistant to abrasion, has a minimum elongation, and increased sensitivity to biting. The fishing line is applicable in all possible fishing conditions: carp fishing, bottom fishing, feeder fishing.

The casting distance also depends on the quality of the weaving of the fishing line. The smaller the threads' diameter, the rounder and smoother the weave, the further the cast. Rounded fishing line have a weave of four or more fibers. The eight-fiber line is said to be perfectly round.


The braided fishing line are woven from polymeric materials with additional additives that create better characteristics for the fibers. There are also hybrid fishing line, which include the materials from which the monofilament is made and the materials from which the classic lines are woven.


The company "Intech" offers the market fishing lines Intech Micron, First, JIG Style, Micro Style. These products combine the principle of excellent quality at a great price. You can also buy the X4 and X8 fishing line from the manufacturer from us.

It buys a fishing line in bulk, and it is necessary to be guided by several indicators:

  • Product material;
  • Cord or line diameter;
  • Load on the cord;
  • The place where you will fish;
  • Experience as a fisherman;
  • Fishing cord manufacturer.

You should not spare money for high-quality products since the result of fishing directly depends on this. You will be able to buy braided fishing cords wholesale in the Intech company at a favorable price, thus counting on excellent quality from the best manufacturers of fishing tackles.


Intech specialists worked diligently to create and improve the product, subjecting it to rigorous testing. This approach to the case quickly bears fruit. The vast model range of fishing lines of the highest quality brings the company success in the domestic market of the fishing goods and abroad.

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