Fishing rig manufacturer

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Production of fishing equipment


Intech has organized its production of ready-to-use fishing tackle under the Intech logo, our officially registered trademark. From that moment on, the company's main activity is the production and wholesale of its fishing goods: lures, fishing cords, fishing lines, hooks, fishing equipment.

The company promotes fishing rigs and assemblies from the manufacturer Intech: tungsten, Drop Snap, Quick lock Snap. Thanks to active marketing activities, our products have already acquired regular customers in Ukraine, Russia, Poland and began to promote products to other regions.

We often bring fishing novelties to the market, which are of high quality and reasonable prices. Our products are very popular with anglers. The company "Intech" is a manufacturer of fishing rigs and has established itself as a reliable partner.


Collapsible tungsten weight for fishing


Collapsible tungsten weights for fishing are designed to equip articulated mounts, often used in spinning fishing. Tungsten weights for fishing, to no small extent, precisely follow their purpose - to be heavy. Tungsten is the heaviest and most refractory metal.


  • ensure the strength of the cargo;
  • accelerated immersion installation;
  • tungsten cargo less sail.

For our partners, the company "Intech", we offer collapsible tungsten cargo for fishing wholesale in Ukraine. We invite you to cooperate with fishing bases, online stores selling fishing tackle in bulk.


Fishing fastener manufacturing


The correct connection and attachment of the fishing line and lure is stably provided by a unique (fishing) fastener, which does not require tying the fishing line. The fishing clasp helps to make a secure and firm connection without tying knots. The production of fishing fasteners is organized in Ukraine.

The quality department will oversee the entire process to ensure that fishing gear production meets the international premium quality standard.

Our customers are wholesale buyers, both large companies and small fishing shops. We also work with many manufacturers, thanks to which a wide range of fishing products.

We are glad to offer quality goods at a reasonable price!


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