Quick lock Snap Rolling Mat Black

Quick lock Snap Rolling Black - classic American swivel. It has incorporated all the advantages of the Quick lock Snap Black clasp: a familiar and comfortable shape, matte black color, high quality material and a reasonable price. The new snap will be appreciated by fans of fishing with lures, a high-quality swivel reliably protects the cord from twisting, especially when fishing with spinning lures. Also, the dark swivel clasp is an integral part of feeder fishing and other manifestations of bottom fishing, where line twisting is possible and the use of a swivel is mandatory. Quick lock Snap Rolling Black - has the widest size range among similar ones, from light # 000 to powerful fasteners with a breaking load of 48 kilograms at breaking, designed for powerful tackle and hunting trophy fish.




in pack





#00 5 12
#0 5 18
#1 5 25
#2 5 35
#3 5 48
Item details

A special coating technology is used that forms direct bonds of metal and paint molecules, which gives a uniform and persistent dark matte color, resistant to external influences.