Single Hook Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB


Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB1 - is a joint development of Intech and the world leader in the production of fishing hooks, the Japanese company Vanfook. The hook is made on modern equipment from high-strength calibrated steel. Hook coating PTFE - reliably protects against corrosion and also improves penetration properties. Forged hook blade increases the reliability and durability of sharpening. The shape, thickness of the hook, the angle of rise were specially designed for catching common fish: perch, pike, zander and similar - this gave the best detection and retention of fish among competitors. Hook sizes are best suited for ultralight and light fishing.

 #2 29mm 6
 #4 25mm 6
 #6 21mm 6


Item details

High Carbon Steel material - High carbon resilient steel, processed using Vanfook's patented technology, produces a thin hook that can stand high loads.


Blade: Forged Barb - Forged blade and barb technology increases sharpening strength and durability.


PTFE coating - a widely used technology for applying Teflon to the surface in Vanfook hooks, reliably protects against corrosion, and also improves penetration even into the bony mouth of a predator.


Enlarged ear: Big Eye - gives additional freedom when animating the bait on rigs like Jig Rig and Cheburashka.


The angle of attack of the hook is selected in such a way that, due to the design features, the implementation of bites is improved with a minimum time of contact with the fish.


The unique shape of the hook lift to the forend realizes a confident hold of the fish while playing.


Angle of exit of the beard of 45 degrees reduces collapse of even the most lively fish with delicate lips, allowing you to achieve 100% realization.


✅ The hook is exclusively made in Japan.