New to Tournament Series - Single Hook Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB1

Friends, we are glad to present to your attention the first novelty in the series Tournament! Single hook Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB1. The hook is a joint development of Intech and the Japanese giant in the production of fishing hooks, Vanfook. The idea was to create a new generation hook, fully meeting the modern needs of the fisherman, without any drawbacks of the adapted hooks, which came to the microwave from trout fishing or rokfish. The Intech Tournament Spear SMV-32SB1 line of hooks consists of three sizes: #2; #4; #6 - and completely closes the need to equip baths from 1.5" to 2.8" inches.

So here are eight main reasons why the Spear SMV-32SB1 hook is the best choice for ultra-light and light fishing:

1. High Carbon Steel is a high-carbon elastic steel, processed according to the patented Vanfook technology, which provides a thin hook with high loads.

2. Zhalo: Forged Barb - technology of forging of the tip and beard, increases the strength and resistance of the grinding.

3. PTFE coating is a widely used technology of applying to the surface of the Teflon in Vanfook hooks, reliably protects against corrosion, as well as improves penetration ability even in the bone fall of the predator.

4. Increased ear: Big Eye - gives additional freedom to animate bait on equipment such as Jig Rig and Cheburashka.

5. The angle of attack of the hook is chosen in such a way that due to the structural features the realization of adhesives with the minimum contact time with the fish is improved.

6. The unique form of lifting the hook to the tooth implements a steady retention of fish when winding.

7. The 45-degree beard exit angle reduces the congestion, even of the most fierce fish with gentle lips, allowing to achieve 100% implementation.

8. The hook is produced exclusively in Japan.

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